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Department of Social Service

The Republicrats have proposed a budget of $718 million for DSS. The general public sees DSS as a benevolent organization that cares for neglected children. So how many children are there that need DSS? What happens to them? Information is confidential “for the sake of the children.”

We had a few cases where children have died violent deaths in home in which they were placed by DSS. These are the stories that make the headlines. Under the Republicrats there is no oversight, and a fringe element is in control over the organization that seeks to mold the children of Massachusetts in their own image. So while they seek to meddle into families that do not suit their idea of an ideal family, the truly neglected children get ignored.

The solution we are being given is the usual, “we need more money.” DSS should concentrate on the kind of cases that they citizenry intended that they work with.

DSS can seize children before they appear in court. Usually evidence against the parents is obtained after the children are isolated and interrogated. DSS is big money, paying attorneys, consultants, case workers and foster homes.

The system is based on anonymous complaints. DSS undermines parental authority. The most ill-behaved dumbest illiterate children know that they can get their parents in trouble by making an anonymous complaint to DSS. DSS workers themselves could be making the calls, no one knows. DSS can come up with 30 pages of problems, call them solved in a month and make the case “inactive.” They then can reactivate the case, thus raising the official statistics of “abused” children.


I would support the abolishing of DSS and put the matters before the courts. This would eliminate unsubstantiated complaints, and concentrate the resources on the most serious cases. If the 30 pages of problems is real, I think a reasonable person would expect to take some time to solve those problems.









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