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The Control Board of the City of Springfield

The Finance Control Board (FCB) has been the whipping boy of local politicians. The incumbent Republicrat has a problem, he voted for it, but yet has no desire to be intimately associated with the results of his vote. In private industry we would say that the company is bankrupt. Contract holders and bill holders would now have claims against a bankrupt company. The harsh reality is that the city is bankrupt, the people are heavily taxed, and a change was needed.

Only about half the people who are eligible to vote in Springfield are registered to vote. Of those only 20% voted in the last election. The top person on the City Council got about 10,000 votes out of 160,000 who could have voted had they wanted to. So there is poor case to be made that the City Council has the support of the people.

A Compromise was found whereby a group of Republicrat experts would attempt to bring the city of Springfield out of Bankruptcy. The Control Board consisted of the Mayor of Springfield, the President of the City Council, and three appointed by Governor and millionaire Mitt Romney. One can say that the millionaire class in this country at this time has most of its investments in other countries, derives its standard of living from those countries rather than the United States. The Republicrat politicians have been good servants.

The Control Board paid to have several studies done which said that Springfield did not have a revenue problem, but a spending problem. They also said that Springfield had more police, and higher paid police than “comparable” cities. To say anything else would have made the legislature somewhat to blame for the revolving door criminal justice system, sending the money to Boston, and dumb laws that cost money.

The Control Board certainly did not want to blame the Republicrat Congress and Presidents for exporting American jobs which destroyed the tax base of Springfield.

The Control Board then went against its own study and said that we Springfield needed to hire more police in response to a wave of armed robberies and murders. The Finance Control Board then instituted a “trash fee.” This service has been paid from tax revenues. Clearly it is another form of taxation. As a justification for the “trash fee” City Council President Tosado ( the President of the City Council is a memebr of the FCB) said that the city needed 80 new police cruisers and asked where the money would come from. So, events other than trash are a reason for the fee ( really a tax ). Of course Tosado did not mention how much time city police spend enforcing state and federal laws, nor victimless laws. The FCB also said senior citizens would pay a lesser fee. Senior citizens of course tend to vote. The younger people are complacent non-voters, so they will pay a higher fee.

 But the purpose of the trash fee, as well as other fees is to get money, they are another form of taxation.

The Control Board with the silent assent of the incumbent Republicrat Legislature spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on studies getting information that they could have obtained elsewhere free.

Libertarian Solution of Robert Underwood

Abolish dumb laws that cost money. No one has been held up with a marijuana reefer, yet that is a large part of our law enforcement effort.

If I needed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to understand what the problem is, as did the Republicrats, I should not have the job.

Any solution that involves moving money from Boston to Springfield will not pass the Republicrat legislature. But I can try to eliminate ineffectual spending throughout the state.

Criminals need to be put in jail, real criminals not prisoners to get federal grants. Some need to be put into reforms schools. This will free up some money on the local level that attempts to deal with their crimes.

Republicrats exporting American jobs is a big problem. It has decimated the tax base throughout Massachusetts. Since Colonial times Massachusetts has been dependent on manufacturing. Republicrat politicians have sold out their country more than any other group of traitors. Now Massachusetts citizens protect foreign investments with their lives, I would be a loud voice attempting to get them out of office.


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