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Why Democrats Should Vote Libertarian

The Democratic party is no longer the friend of the working class that it once was.

The Democrats have supported the NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement ) and other treaties which have exported jobs From the United States. Local Democrats, including my opponent offer a few crumbs but continue to support the goals of the National Party - unemployment. To make matters worse American young people join the US army, which is used to keep people working cheaply in other countries. In short Americans are being duped by the Deomocrats into working against themselves, but the supposed friends of the workers, the Democrats.

The Democrats have once again joined the Republicans in supporting foreign wars that have nothing to do with defending the United States, they did it in Indochina, and now the Democrats support the War in Iraq.

Springfield and the United States needs oil that is not too expensive for people. Local Democrats support the Bush policy which creates tension between the United States and the oil producing countries of the Americas, will he recognizes Libya, a country which has a history of supporting terrorism. We also need to find an alternative to oil, but that will take years.

Under Democratic Leadership Massachusetts builds jails, hires judges, police, guards and other personnel to fill the jails with prisoners who never had a victim while serious offenders remain in the streets. They like to fill these positions with their patronage buddies. And just to make sure you need them the Democrats pass laws weakening the right of self defense, and work toward gun confiscation. Readers are invited to compare laws passed by Democrats with those passed by the Nazis in the 1930's

While the Democrats build jails people in Massachusetts have difficulty in sending their children to college. Fewer Americans are studying physical sciences and engineering, the two fields which made our increased standard of living possible.

Democrats have voted for increases in fees as well as taxes which fall heavily on working people and the poor. While they grin and shake our hands, they make it expensive to buy goods, to drive a car, and a host of other things.

While Democrats criticize the Republicans, the Democrats have voted to raise the retirement age. They have also exported jobs of Americans who must pay the taxes that support the retirement system. Under a Democratic Administration the only job for our young people will be that of cannon fodder.

Recent Legislation

While Democrats blame Governor Romney, they control the legislature and could easily override his veto.

After making speeches about the minimum wage, Romney vetoed the measure. The media portrayed it as a minimum wage of $8 an hour, but that would not be until 2008. Who knows how little $8 an hours will be by 2008? It will probably not be worth much because Democrats also support increased immigration and subsidized housing, which means the costs of the minimum wage earner will rise.

One thing is clear, the Democrats took care of their patronage buddies int the court houses with a $12,000 annual raise better than they did working people.

Where were you 25 years ago? If someone accuses you of molesting children you had better remember because the status of limitations has been increased, for the children of course. You had better hope that any witnesses to your side of the story are still alive.

Democrats wasted most of their time putting on a show and doing nothing for the average person.






Vote Libertarian,

Vote Underwood










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