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Same Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court of Massachusetts has ruled that same sex couple can be married under Massachusetts State Law. There is also a ballot question related to the topic, and it looks like it has enough signatures to get on the ballot.

If I had it my way I would just put everyone under a civil union law. But since the court has spoken, I would do nothing. The voters will probably vote on it anyway making any opinion I have irrelevant.

I am all in favor of getting every day people lower taxes and health insurance. I am not going to spend time and energy making someone ineligible for health insurance or raising their already exorbitant taxes.

The real threat to families are:

Poverty, in part because the Republicrat have shipped the bread winners job to a slave labor country, in some cases causing homelessness.

The 24 hour 7 day a week global economy the deprives families of quality time so that some charlatan can wear a $600 suite while he harangues against same sex marriage

Houses and cars that are too small to accommodate families.

Lack of quality education for children

Social Scientists say that during a recession divorce rates increase and domestic violence increases.

If you like gay marriage, the ruling may be to your liking. If you do not like gay marriage, you are not affected because no one is forcing you to go to one.

Ask yourself some questions.

How many people do I know that have participated in a gay marriage?

When is the last time I have read of a gay marriage?

Am I in fear of being a participant in a gay marriage?

How many people do I know who have lost their jobs?

When is the last time I have read of a plant closing or a reduction in the work force?

Am I in fear of losing my job?

What will I do about Gay Marriage? Not much. The courts have spoken, the voters will speak, the small number of people who want same sex marriages have it, and it is not bothering the rest of us. If elected I intend to work on things like wasteful spending, a system of justice that does not work, Springfield’s financial crisis and getting national politicians that export jobs out of office.






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