What to do about Harassment by Police

The Libertarian Solution










Important: This site describes a political solution, not a legal one. For legal representation you need to see an attorney, legal help organizations etc.

The Political Solutions:

If you live in a town which has a town meeting form of government the highest elected offices are

Town Council

Board of Selectmen 

City governments have


City Council

Sometime a police commission

Become Active Politically

The first part of the solution is to become active politically. The Libertarian Party is the only party that supports the rights of the individual over the abuse of the police. Under a Libertarian administration most of the laws the police us as an excuse to abuse people would not exist, hence many police positions would not exist.

Laying the blame:

Do not say something that is not true, but blame the elected officials who hired the cops for whatever wrongdoing has taken place. You may also blame the Democrat and Republican town committees. For many being held responsible for the behavior of their cronies will be a new experience, and you an help make it a painful one.

Demand audits and answers:

How much sick leave due to substance abuse the department used?

An audit of money paid to witnesses?

Was money paid to witnesses who have no visible means of support?

Did the payments from police ultimately support some people’s drug habits?

How many unsolved crimes are there?

How much police time is used in solving crimes against property and persons?

Demand to know how equipment is being used, cruisers, etc.

How many criminals are on the police department? What did they do?

( Governor Weld gave pardons specifically so some convicts could become cops )

Where were to cops at the time various crimes were committed, and why are they never at the scene to prevent a crime?

Why does the selectman watch the same thing happen week after week and does not make changes?

How much public money was spent per marijuana plant seized?

The local government will not answer the questions. Find public ways to announce the fact that they will not answer the questions. If anyone says they do not know the answer, then they are saying they spent a lot of money, and they do not know how it is being used.

Replace the Guilty Parties

Run for Selectmen

Run for Town Council

Run for Mayor

Run for City Council

The Town Meeting:

Towns that have a town meeting form of government must pass a budget at the meeting. Every registered voter is eligible to vote. Many are lightly attended. A group of 30 stand a reasonable change of taking over the meeting.

The local police are part of the local budget. The meeting can remove items from the budget, not pass the budget, etc. If the budget does not pass, town employees are off the payroll, it is as simple as that.

City Form of Government

If your jurisdiction has a city council and mayor form of government your options are more limited. The issues can be the same, waste, wrong doing, etc. But the legislative body, the City Council are in for a fixed term. Some cities have a Police Commission, but they are appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council. Blame the highest elected officials, the mayor, and the city council. Where the laws are a problem ( civil service etc. ) you may want to blame you state representative and senator, as well as the governor. If state police accompanied the city police, you may want to blame the governor, the civilian authority over the state police.

Around election time you may want to make the police department an issue. There again, you may want to blame the local party leadership, ward and precinct captains, city committee chairman, etc for the actions of their candidates and office holders if they were not visibly and loudly criticizing them, which they almost never do.









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