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Feel Protected?

History shows that the Republicans and Democrats who run Massachusetts will not stop people from disappearing off the streets. Boston was one of the cities of choice for Osama Bin Ladin’s operatives.

The list of missing persons is incomplete.

Lee Burdick

Jamy Lusher

The List of Unsolved Homicides in incomplete:

Lisa Zeigert

Abby Turniak

Daniel Croteau

Molley Bish

Why did this happen?

Very little of the states law enforcement effort is directed toward solving homicides and missing person cases. There is no money in it.

The wars on Drugs Results in:

New Cruisers

Grants for additional Cops

Property Seizures

Traffic enforcement results in fines that go into the patronage system.

Cops are not recruited for their ability to solve serious crime. They are recruited and sent to a boot camp type of training. In some cases the uniforms resemble that of terrorists, black uniforms that conceal the identity of the person breaking down the door in search of marijuana. They are simply not suitable

for solving serious threats to the public.

Republican and Democratic Policies:

The War on Drugs - involves breaking into cars and houses looking for marijuana and other drugs

Traffic enforcement - fines are levied against motorists

Very little effort is put into protecting the right of people to not be kidnapped of the streets and murdered. Apparently this is not a high priority in the Democratic and Republican Parties. In fact, through gun control laws and court rulings they have undermined the right of self defense, and dawdled on the issue of unsolved homicides and missing persons.

One Year to Process DNA Evidence

In the murder of Crista Worthington in Turo it took the Democratic/ Republican State government a year to process DNA evidence. During that time there was no shortage of speed traps, Massport purchase machine guns to combat “terrorists,” and hundreds were arrested for smoking marijuana.

Libertarian Party:


The Libertarian Part of Massachusetts would place the emphasis on protecting peoples right to be secure in their persons and property, not federal grants for promotions and ne

w cruisers. Police would be selected, recruited, and trained for their ability to protect people, not state and federal grants.










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