Libertarian Party Platform

The Libertarian Party stands for small government, low taxation, and personal freedom. In general most Libertarians agree with the platform. Note that many candidates in the major parties doe not believe or often times ignore their parties platforms. We are the party of Principle.

Drug Laws

Summary of Libertarian Platform


Taxes have increased to the point where Americans pay an excessive amount of taxes, often times to fund the various mechanisms of control. We would abolish excessive taxes on income, cigarettes, liquor, sales, etc.

For Poster on Beer Tax Click here ( A Libertarian Favorite )


Most Libertarians would downsize or abolish state agencies that have become a law unto themselves, lie Department of Social Services, the IRS, etc.

User fees:

Another form of taxation are excessive fees for Drivers Licenses, Auto Registration, Auto inspections, gun licenses, etc.

Gun Control: 

Libertarians appose gun control, really another form of citizen control. We support the right of self defense. Many of us believe that an armed populace is the best defense against crime, invasion, or terrorism. Our beliefs are much in line with that of Thomas Jefferson on this subject.

Criminals would not have guns under a libertarian administration because they would be in jail, rather than lose giving politicians justification for more laws and police.










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